Indulge in our decadent cheesecake...

Are you ready for pure bliss? Our interpretations of sweet bliss amuse the mouth with lusciously decadent bites of profiles only nature can perfect. Each cheesecake is handmade with all natural ingredients, including fresh cream cheese we make on site. A rich but not overtly sweet taste in every bite. Absolutely no artificial ingredients, and everything is minimally processed.  

Also, for those who worry more about the waistline, we offer a mini version of our cheesecake appealing to the desire for something sweet while easing the conscience.

You'll savor the creamy taste of perfection in every bite!


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blueberry cheesecake


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We can make any flavor-savory or sweet.  Give us a call.  Send us a message.  We'll create a custom cheesecake for you!

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Our original New York style cheesecake is creamy and smooth.  The richness and density is absolutely delicious.

Original New York Style

Original W/ Salted Caramel

Original W/ Fruit

Rich, buttery streusel is your only barrier to a creamy center of apple cheesecake in this delicious dessert reminiscent of Old World Germany. The perfect way to remind you of times spent around the table with family.

Apple Streusel

This customer favorite features a rich chocolate crust beneath a traditional homemade cheesecake filling with cookie bits throughout.

Cookies and Cream: Sizes

What do you like best?  Exotic?  Fruit?  Chocolate?  Caramel?  Maybe a combination?  Whatever your preference, you will find it here. Click a size to see options.  Don't see what you long for?  Email or call.  We'll make to taste.

8 In. Round

9 In. Round

10 In. Round

Can't decide which of our delectable flavors to choose? How about several?

You can choose from our seasonal favorites and our tried-and-true stand-bys.

Need more than 3 sets, just give us a call to order.

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In the Kitchen

Well-versed in traditional Southern meals and desserts, time and experience have encouraged a fresh palate with tastes both regional and international. Living and cooking in small town outside of Bordeaux provided inspiration and a new appreciation for locally-grown agriculture and farm fresh dairy.

A continued passion for education encourages ever developing culinary skills striving to reach perfection in each bite. Chattanooga Cheesecake is always experimenting with its recipes and creating a creamy rich cheesecake that you, your family and friends will crave time and time again.